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Welcome to the Circle!

Morningstar Community Arts Collaborative is a mutual support network for community artists with opportunities for collaborating, creating and producing performances, workshops, retreats, and various healing arts activities in Tennessee and beyond.  This practice includes a circle of people offering the service of sharing rooms in their homes as a creative option for affordable housing, and community space. 

Poetry, music, singing, movement and stillness are some of the modalities we use when we gather in circles for cross-cultural community development.  We invite you to come together with 6-8 other creative folk in your area or on zoom and share the work of your heart.

Diana Morningstar , the founder, will continue providing “home” space at The Heron House in Summertown.  Marquetta Dupree is new owner of the “red” house on Canberra, and Eric Santagada, former resident, and talented musician, is the new owner of the Morningstar House, a home for 5 folks and a collaborative community arts and house concert space

Join us if you have a bedroom or more to open in your home to share with guests, and want the support of other hosts for collaborative support in offering this form of affordable co- housing.  

As a grassroots web of artists, activists, and creative change-makers, we invite you to connect with us and to support the ongoing work/play as soulforce for community transformation.  

Currently offering frequent zoom gatherings, and linking various creative people with each other across the world in special projects.

Join our new beginnings in Aug 2024!
Contact Eric Santagada: / 845-235-5284