Welcome to Morningstar House

dianalakeHello, friends! I am now offering space in my home, MORNINGSTAR HOUSE, for retreats, community gatherings, visitors and people who want a 30 day or more stay in the Nashville area.

My friends, family and I have always loved hosting people here with house concerts, potluck gatherings, expressive arts circles and we have shared our 4 bedrooms, 3 bath home with many folks for a time. We offer a very special place for artists, writers, musicians on retreat, and provide a nurturing, colorful, peaceful, spacious environment for your creative process.

NOTE: For the next few months of winter, starting in October 2014 I am seeking a roommate or two. Please call me at 615-594-4410 if you are interested in space for more than 30 days and the Morningstar House feels like a compatible place for your spirit!